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Enclosure Integrity Testing
As part of the commissioning process for gaseous fire suppression systems, room integrity door fan testing is mandatory under AS 4214 along with the recording of the extinguishing systems baseline data for future testing and maintenance records.
Australian Fire Technologies have trained operators who can review the system installation, the suitability of the enclosure to maintain the extinguishing agent, requirements for pressure relief venting and that the system will maintain the extinguishing agent for the specified hold time.
As part of the ongoing maintenance requirements for gaseous fire suppression systems, AS 1851 requires a room integrity door fan test be performed every twelve (12) months as part of the annual servicing of the system, with the test results recorded and measured against the original system design and baseline data provided at the time of installation.
On older installations this baseline data may not exist and Australian Fire Technologies can review the installed system, taking into account the following:-
  • Measuring the protected area recording the maximum and minimum protected heights along with the length and width of the area.
  • Reviewing the extinguishing agent quantity based on past / present Australian Codes and Standards and the suitability of the agent for its intended use.
  • Reviewing all cylinder supports and frames are suitable for their intended use.
  • Reviewing the agent distribution pipework, manifolds and supports.
  • Checking that the gas discharge nozzles are clear, unobstructed and within the design coverage limitations as specified by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Surveying that the actuation devices (manual and electric) are clear and unobstructed.
  • If installed, verifying the operation of any room pressure relief dampers
  • If not installed, review the requirement for pressure relief dampers to be installed within the protected enclosure.
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