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Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler systems.
Automatic fire sprinkler systems also known as a wet pipe system are widely regarded as the most effective method of controlling fires caused by a broad range of hazards.
Sprinkler systems can automatically detect a fire, transmit an alarm and control the fire. This can be the difference between a minor accident and a major business shutdown.
Australian Fire Technologies engineers are able to conduct a detailed risk analysis on the proposed system to design, engineer and certify sprinkler systems in compliance with Australian Standard AS 2118 and International Standards such as NFPA 13
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Waterspray systems.
Medium and High Velocity Water spray deluge systems are typically used in hazardous environments where fires may spread very quickly or where valuable equipment surrounding the fire needs to be cooled.
These systems are designed for use in a variety of special hazard applications. Many types of specialised open discharge nozzles may be required to provide a properly designed Water spray deluge system
In the Mining, Power Generation, Oil, Gas and Industrial sectors, Water spray deluge systems are still commonly used in the following applications: -
  • Low and High Voltage Transformers.
  • Above ground and Underground Conveyor systems.
  • Flammable Liquid Product Storage Tanks and Vessels.
  • Exposure Protection for aboveground Fuel Storage tanks.
  • Fuel loading bays.
  • Process pumps.
Australian Fire Technologies can offer a complete design, engineering and commissioning in compliance with Australian and International Standards.
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Watermist systems.
The AquaMist systems offer a simple and easy to use water-based fire suppression solution which is dependable, safe and carries comprehensive approvals.
Through our expertize and knowledge, we can advise you on which system is best suited to the environment to be protected and the best specification to match the risk.
We believe in customizing a solution to the application, not in a one-size-fits all solution.
Selecting the right watermist system is not only about extinguishing the fire, it is about caring for the contents of the building and minimizing water damage. It is also about optimizing budgets and protecting the reputation of the specifier.
We offer three AquaMist options to suit different applications and better accommodate end users needs from industrial oil fryers, machinery spaces and cable tunnels to hospitals, commercial buildings and data centers. Our watermist systems safeguard lives and property, while saving water in usage.
Our three AquaMist options are as follows:
  • AquaMist ULF
  • AquaMist Sonic
  • AquaMist Fog
Simply click on the buttons below for detailed information to enable you to make the right product choice for the hazard at hand:
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