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1. Fire Sprinkler Systems Explained
Presentation on the design, installation and operation of wet pipe sprinkler systems
2. iFlow Delivery Solution
Comprised of the iFLOW valve, the iFLOW horizontal check valve and our Matrix bracketing system, the iFLOW delivery solution works with the air in the room and our INERGEN clean-agent gas to quickly suppress fires. The iFLOW design regulates system pressures and reduces pipe design complexity and over-pressurization.
3. Acoustic Fire Protection Nozzle
You may have a hidden data center risk. Watch our 45 minute webinar and learn about the Acoustic Nozzle for fire suppression from Johnson Controls. With the first UL-Verified Acoustic Nozzle in the world, your data center won’t be compromised by sound.
4. Watermist Systems
This video provides an overview of each of our Water Mist fire-fighting systems, including AquaMist ULF, a low pressure system, AquaMist FOG, a high pressure Water Mist system and AquaMist SONIC, a hybrid technology. Learn about the principals of Water Mist as an effective fire-fighting solution and dive deeper into the features and benefits of each Water Mist system in this engaging and easy to understand animation. The video sets realistic scenarios to help you understand which systems are suitable for various applications, including Data Centres (AquaMist ULF), UPS Generators and libraries/archives (AquaMist FOG) and machinery spaces (AquaMist SONIC).
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