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Design and Engineering
With the multiple Gaseous Suppression System choices for protecting high risks, consideration should be taken by the fire engineer on a number of factors which will aid the selection of a suitable agent during the risk analysis phase.
Australian Fire Technologies engineers have had exposure to the world’s leading gaseous fire suppression system hardware manufacturers and as such are able to conduct a detailed risk analysis on the proposed system taking into consideration the following:- 
  • Suppression agent Extinguishing mechanism.
  • Design concentrations and amount of extinguishing Agent needed.
  • Safety for people.
  • Cylinder locations and Pipe Distances to the risk area.
  • Any Toxic by-products produced by the suppression agent
  • Suitability of the enclosure to maintain extinguishing agent retention
  • Suitability of the enclosure in regard to room over and under pressures produced during system discharge
  • Ozone Depletion Potential (odp), Global Warming Potential (gwp) and Total Environmental Impact (TEWI).
  • Suppression Agent holding time.
  • Overall system lifetime Cost analysis.
In addition, Australian Fire Technologies can offer a complete turnkey design, engineering and commissioning service on all types of applications. 
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