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When it comes to choose the right Fire Protection System provider for your business, you can count on Australian Fire Technologies for quality products that will fit your needs.
We are a leading independant Special Hazards Fire Suppression Systems Design, Supply, Consulting and Construction Services support company based in Brisbane, Australia.
About Us
Australian Fire Technologies Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of Special Hazards Fire Suppression System hardware throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. 
With over thirty-five years of experience working on some of the most challenging and diverse projects throughout Australia and abroad, Australian Fire Technologies have a strong working knowledge in the fields of Special Hazards Fire Protection and Suppression along with the application of these facets into a compliant solution for our clients.
As an Authorized ANSUL distributor, Australian Fire Technologies has access to an unmatched range of quality products and technical expertise to offer specialist design, project management and technical support for all of your system requirements.
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